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RoundTable is one of Ireland's leading dispute resolution providers, assisting organisations and individuals in the constructive and speedy management of conflict. Our core values are independence, integrity and impartiality.

Conflict Resolution

Unresolved conflicts in the workplace cause immense challenges for organisations and individuals. From an organisational perspective, the most significant of these challenges are the additional pressures imposed on time, energy and resources. These pressures in turn lead to financial losses for the organisation due to poor morale, gossip at the water cooler, distractions, absenteeism, employee attrition, stress related medical conditions, workman’s compensation, and legal action. Failure to deal with conflict in the workplace can lead to staggering organisational costs. RoundTable offers a strategically tailored and customised system of Conflict Management designed to support the needs of an organisation based on this operational premise. Our well-designed Conflict Management System consists of three interrelated components that are essential to its success.

Training: Appropriate training raises employee conflict awareness which in turn reduces the negative impact of conflict in the workplace.

Neutral Third-Party Intervention: Through neutral third-party intervention, RoundTable provides professional resources early in the conflict cycle to help constructively resolve the dispute before it cycles out of control.

Supportive Infrastructure: We work to develop internal procedures and processes designed to support an organisation’s ability to constructively manage and minimise the harmful effects of conflict in the workplace.

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