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RoundTable is one of Ireland's leading dispute resolution providers, assisting organisations and individuals in the constructive and speedy management of conflict. Our core values are independence, integrity and impartiality.


Facilitation is a hybrid process between mediation and investigation. Mediation has strict confidentiality, and this is not always appropriate for organisations where they require information on matters of discord. On the other hand, investigation considers issues of the past and does not assist the parties to find a solution to work together in the future.

Facilitation is the act of achieving consensual solutions with agreed action plans efficiently.  As facilitators, RoundTable works with individuals, groups and organisations to help them have a conversation, come to a point of agreement, or plan for the future. We design, develop and manage the process the group goes through which allows the group to focus on and control the content of the discussion. We make it easier for the group to have discussions and reach conclusions and action plans by getting them thinking, contributing, engaging and challenging. You tell us your desired outcome and we build a process to get there. We create the right environment for healthy conflict resolution, which, when handled well, can add real value.

RoundTable facilitation allows the operations team to identify the core issues and the best way of collectively addressing them. It involves seeking collective agreement to amended work practices, quality standards and targets for achievement.

The agreed quality and work practice changes, coupled with the structured communication and facilitation of meetings by Round Table between participants has resulted in consensus and the retention of an important business accreditation by our clients.

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