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RoundTable is one of Ireland's leading dispute resolution providers, assisting organisations and individuals in the constructive and speedy management of conflict. Our core values are independence, integrity and impartiality.

Public Training

Mediation Training:

The RoundTable Certified Mediation Training is suitable for those who want to practice as mediators or those who wish to enhance existing skills.

The Mediators Institute of Ireland Mediation accreditation is the benchmark qualification for mediators in Ireland.  Our 60 hour Mediation Training is accredited by Mediators Institute Ireland.  Informed from the breadth of expertise of MII trainers, the course is designed to give all participants a thorough grounding in the main components of Mediation and conflict resolution. This mediation training is delivered by Practitioner Mediators who have a wide experience in workplace, family, community, health care and commercial mediation.

Adopting a multi diverse platform in conflict resolution, RoundTable Mediation Training enables learners to develop the necessary skills of mediation through participation exercises in conflict behaviours, emotional intelligence, mediation practice & process, and self-awareness in resolving conflict.

The overarching aim of this 60 hour course (delivered in 3 blocks) is to give participants the skills and strategies to be competent, credible and effective mediators.

2019 Next Mediation  Training Dates


Block 1: 12th & 13th of March 2019

Block 2: 26th, 27th & 28th of March 2019

Block 3: 10th & 11th of April 2019


What are the learning outcomes of mediation training?

  • Obtain an overview of all key components of mediation and conflict resolution.
  • Know the legislation, policies, & procedures relevant in mediation.
  • Learn key skills from two highly experienced mediators on allowing for effective management of conflict.
  • Receive practical advice on the process of mediation and how to devise resolutions that are beneficial and agreeable to all parties
  • Learn about the process you need to know in depth when mediating disputes
  • Find out about the latest developments in mediation
  • Discover how to analyse issues and make best use of your mediation skills

Who should attend the mediation training?

Applications are invited at all stages of their career and organisation, as well as those thinking of starting out in mediation or who have those who are interested in acquiring the specialised skills of mediation and incorporating them into their work. This course has been a particular interest to HR Managers, Supervisors, Legal & HR Advisers, public service groups, volunteer-based groups, and more. In line with theories of adult learning, trainees will be encouraged to relate their acquired knowledge to experiential situations.

Mediation Training Assessment.

Participants are assessed in a number of ways.  They are assessed during the training days on understanding, participation and evidence through role play of acquired skills.  In addition, trainees complete an Conflict Mapping Assignment.  This assignment is evaluated by the trainers and is used to assess participants’ integration of skills and knowledge throughout the training.

Mediation Training Certification

To become a mediator with the Mediators Institute of Ireland, participants must go forward for certification. This certification is a video-recorded assessment where the participant demonstrates the core mediation skills through role-play of a simulated workplace conflict.

For those who wish to be assessed for MII certification, a date will be agreed following completion of the Training.

Those who wish to become certified family mediators with MII are required to undertake additional specialised training.


For more information on specific details on the mediation training, to request a brochure or registration form, contact us at our Cork office (021) 2339350, Dublin office (01) 5390212 or email us at

Family & Separating Couples 32 Hour Course

This CPD, Mediators instate of Ireland Accredited training course is available as Full 4-Day Course or as Six Individual Modules

Modules include:
Day 1 

Half day:         Module 1: Couple Dynamics – Engaging in the Process

Half day:         Module 2: Family Mediation Process

Day 2

Half day:          Module 3: Parenting

Half day:          Module 4: Child Protection Issues

Day 3

Full day:          Module 5: Family Law Matters

Day 4

Half day:         Module 6: Domestic Abuse and Screening
Half day:         Module 7: Family Mediation Process


Training Dates: 


Block 1: 30th & 31st January 2019

Block 2: 13th & 14th February 2019


Block 1: 1st & 2nd May 2019

Block 2: 14th & 15th May 2109


Who should attend this training?

The 32 hour training course is designed for Mediators who have successfully completed a RoundTable recognised 60 hours Certified Mediation Training Programme or similar certified programmes which meet the MII criteria, and are wishing to work in the area of Family (separating couples) mediation.

For more information please contact, Telephone: (021)2339350, (01)5390212

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