Certified Mediation Training : Cork Autumn 2020

The Round Table Certified Mediation Training is suitable for those who want to practice as mediators or those who wish to enhance existing skills. Adopting a multi diverse platform in conflict resolution, RoundTable Mediation Training enables learners to develop the necessary skills of mediation through participation exercises in conflict behaviours, emotional intelligence, mediation practice & process, and self-awareness in resolving conflict.
The overarching aim of this 60 hour course (delivered as 4 blocks) is to give participants the skills and strategies to be competent, credible and effective mediators.

Next Dates: 2020

  • Block 1: 30th September & 1st October
  • Block 2: 21st & 22nd October
  • Block 3: 10th & 11th November
  • Block 4: 25th November.

Optional external assessment dates:  16th /17th December

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