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Online Services

What we do

On-Line support & mentoring for workers

In the past number of years teams across the globe have been forced to remote and essential work arrangements. With the combined pressures on movement restrictions, noise disruptions, isolation from family, friends, colleagues and workers, the routine may become overwhelming and unmanageable.

The days ahead may see tensions arise for workers at home or personally, issues like access to computers, lack of space, noise levels, distractions and managing productivity. Our online support and mentoring service can help remote workers by providing guidance and options through those difficulties.

Back view of businesswoman speak using Webcam conference on laptop with diverse colleagues

Online Mediation Services

Our online mediation provides solutions for workplaces and families who want an alternative to attending face-to-face sessions. This may be due to COVID-19, remote working or remote living. Traditional mediation requires parties to attend at the same venue and to have a physical presence. The RoundTable online mediation service conducts the full process online through a secure and confidential video or audio conferencing service

Online investigation services


While COVID-19 has burdened organisations with high levels of workloads, formal complaints and issues cannot be ignored. They may require intervention from an independent specialist. We have brought our investigation service online, to help organistions meet their continuity obligations of process adherence and standard improvements. Our online workplace investigations and reviews are conducted through confidential and secure processes including legally binding digital signatures, document sharing, data analysis, research, process management, interviews, and completion of reports..

Online facilitation service

The disruption of COVID 19 on team structures has created strains on organisations. With a collaborative working solution and structure specific to the team and their function, facilitation is a unique way of altering practices towards effective team relations. If you feel at any stage that you need our services, we can provide online facilitation bringing your teams together, towards better ways of working, whatever the environment or situation.

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